When you're interested in adding one of our new Subaru models to your repertoire like the new Subaru WRX, Subaru Forester, Subaru Crosstrek, or any one of our Subaru cars, you're certain to find plenty of different options here at Gillman Subaru Southwest. The car buying process is one that can be intimidating, which is why our team is here to explain the differences between choosing to buy your next Subaru or to lease one instead. Both options are great methods of tying down your future vehicle, but now you can decide which works best for your budget and living situation!

Buying a New Subaru

  • When you choose to buy a new or used Subaru with us, the cost of the down payment, insurance, and taxes add up to be a greater cost than if you were to lease.
  • By paying off the car loan you sign to finance the vehicle, you no longer have to make monthly payments for it - which makes the long term costs of owning a vehicle much less than leasing.
  • Being the owner of a vehicle brings a lot more freedom along with it, including selling or trading it in for a different model whenever you choose.
  • Depending on how well you take care of your vehicle, you can easily own it for upwards to 20 years.
  • Any damage that the model accrues during your ownership can be covered by an available warranty and taken care of, with no fees.

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Should I Lease a Car?

  • Choosing to lease a new Subaru like the Subaru Ascent or any one of our Subaru cars brings lower up-front and monthly costs, which makes it easier to afford a more expensive car.
  • By leasing, you're committing to monthly payments throughout the entirety of the lease period.
  • Lease contracts come with an agreement on mileage restrictions, which can add additional fees if you go over the set amount.
  • A lot of drivers are drawn to the flexibility of a lease, as it allows them to upgrade to the latest models every few years.
  • If your leased vehicle has been damaged during the course of the lease period, you are subject to cover fees for the repairs.

More often than not a driver's choice to buy or lease their next vehicle comes down to personal preference. We hope that we've painted the picture to be clearer for the next time you're searching for a new model, and invite you to stop into our Houston, TX showroom to explore our new inventory and consider a Subaru in your future! Simply stop into our dealership at 10575 W Sam Houston Parkway S today!