Here at Gillman Subaru Southwest, we're not just a Houston Subaru dealership that you'll want to turn to when you're ready to purchase your next Subaru vehicle. We're also dedicated to keeping your vehicle running right for years to come. That's why we offer expert service and maintenance for all our vehicles, and why we have added security extended warranties available at great prices for you today.


We have available plan options to fit your needs, including:

Classic Plan - Major Component Coverage

Covers major parts, including engine, all-wheel drive (AWD), transmission, towing, and car rental.

  • $680 three years of coverage

  • $2,073 for eight years of coverage

Gold Plus Plan- The Gold Standard of Coverage

Includes Classic Plan coverage plus air conditioning, electrical, steering, front suspension, brakes, and more.
  • $660 for three years of coverage

  • $2,680 for eight years of coverage

Benefits of Added Security Extended Warranties in Houston

There are many reasons to consider purchasing an added security extended warranty for your Subaru SUV or car.

To begin with, you'll be able to continue driving your vehicle with peace of mind for much longer than with the baseline warranty. In fact, we want it to drive like new. That's why our added security extended warranties include parts that fail to perform as they were initially designed to, as well as wear and tear damage your vehicle might incur.

You and your new Subaru will also benefit from an added security extended warranty because you'll save money by purchasing the warranties over any repairs, upgrades, or fixes your vehicle might need. And, if you're interested in selling your vehicle down the line then you'll see a greater return on your value thanks to service and maintenance provided by your warranty.

Added Security Extended Warranties at Gillman Subaru Southwest

 If added security extended warranties sound like the right option for you as a Subaru owner, our Subaru financing department is here to help. Here are a few of the excellent benefits of our warranty program: 

  • Coverage up to 8 years/120,000 miles
  • More than 100 parts are covered
  •  Reimbursement for lodging and meals in the event of a breakdown
  •  24-hour emergency roadside assistance

Find out more information on added security extended warranties right here at Gillman Subaru Southwest, your Subaru dealership for new and used Subaru cars for sale , service, financing, and vehicle protection.

Benefits of Added Security Extended Warranties:

  • Driver of mind
  • Improved vehicle safety and reliability
  • Savings on parts and services
  • Vehicle value is maintained

Subaru Extended Warranty Program at a Glance:

  • Coverage up to 8 years/120,000 miles
  • Classic Plan and Gold Plus Plan
  • More than 100 parts covered
  • Reimbursement options
  • Roadside assistance

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