Since 1938, The Gillman Companies have been a chain of family-owned and operated group of automobile dealership. The highly successful 72-year-old Houston-based chain has 14 dealerships across Houston, Rosenberg, San Benito, Harlingen, and San Antonio representing Acura, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru.  

The company was founded by Frank Gillman when the first dealership opened on Milam Street in downtown Houston.  Frank knew the importance of customer loyalty.  He also understood that loyalty had to be earned.  Over 70 years later, the location and scope of the business has changed, but the constant emphasis on customer satisfaction remains the same.  

Since 1980, the control of the company has been in the hands of Frank's son, Ramsay Gillman.  Under his leadership, the Gillman Companies have grown to become one of the largest retail automotive groups in America.  And today, a third Gillman generation is active in the business.

Success has not altered the organization's founding principle.  Every employee in every Gillman dealership knows customer satisfaction is paramount.  And, they understand continued prosperity, as well as future growth, depends upon maintaining this long-established tradition of excellence.



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