Recapping Our New Owner Clinic in Houston, TX

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Another one of our New Owner Clinics at Gillman Subaru Southwest has come and gone, and we are pleased to say that it was a success that brought hundreds of visitors, both new and returning customers. At these events, we try to move away from the dealership vibe and give visitors a more social and homely experience.

As with previous New Owner Clinics, we had our knowledgeable dealers on the floor answering guest questions. This was also a perfect time for guests to get a feel for some of the 2020 Subaru vehicles in Houston by actually getting inside and tinkering with the infotainment STARLINK® and navigations systems. Our dealers walk them through how every function works.

The event as a whole was a meet-and-greet where guests got to meet like-minded visitors and friendship was formed among people with common interests. This was made possible due to our comfortable and recently renovated lounge and free refreshments that made socializing the natural recourse.

It wasn’t just our inventory that was at the center of attention. Our service and Subaru parts center near Pearland, TX were also open for public viewing, with our experienced technicians fielding questions from guests.

When the event concluded, many of the visitors walked away with a more informed mind regarding their near-future car buying pursuits. The same goes for existing Subaru SUV owners in Houston contemplating maintenance or parts upgrade. It was a good night where everyone walked away satisfied.

Did you miss our New Owner Clinic? Don’t worry; even though the next event is still a few months away, our dealers are always on hand to assist you anytime during dealership hours. Most of our 2020 models are already available, such as the 2020 Subaru Forester. Stop by and chat with us today!

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